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A rich history of almost 130 years

In May 1890, the then 33-year old Peterhannes Erren set the basis for what is now Erren Recondition by establishing himself as an independent shoemaker. He worked himself up to a highly respected manufacturer, but a boat full of shoes brought him and his family to the edge of the abyss. Nowadays, the fourth Erren generation depends on boats full of shoes.

One who looks at the company as it is today and wants to understand it, should also look at the history of four generations: Peterhannes, who started the shoe factory, his son Thei who established himself as a shoemaker and started a shoe store, grandson Jan who took over the shoe store and made a start with reconditioning, and great-grandson Peter – the current generation – who made Erren Recondition the professional company that it is now..


The very beginning, in 1980, of Erren Recondition was a batch of booties that were labeled incorrectly, and which were provided with the right stickers with the help of the whole family in their living room in Velp. Increasingly, Jan Erren was asked to solve mistakes, to eliminate mold, to carry out repairs on large batches. It earned him the nickname ‘the wizard of Velp’.

Nowadays, under the leadership of Peter Erren – in the company since 1994 – millions of shoes and boots, belts, bags and other accessories have been taken care of in Arnhem. They are high quality articles that are basically fine, but to which somewhere along the course, something happened so they can no longer be sold. Affected by the moist in the container during transport for example, or packed without being dried well first, or the wrong colour, or because the factory used a product that is illegal in Europe and therefore has to be neutralized, or with the wrong brand mark placed on it, or with eyes for the laces that aren’t properly finished. Name it, and during the almost 40 years of Erren Recondition’s existence, they have seen it. For every problem, there is a solution.

Sending a container of shoes or bags back to Asia is expensive and takes a lot of time. Throwing it away or selling it with a high discount is not an option. Importers, manufacturers and store chains therefore rather send the articles to Arnhem, where the flaws or damages are professionally solved. That professionalism has been in the Erren family for almost 130 years and it has been passed on from father to son for four generations.

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