Erren Recondition offers a new service: washing and drying of textiles. Due to circumstances during production or transport, it is possible that textiles can’t just enter the store. Erren Recondition solves problems quickly and professionally with specially equipped industrial washing and drying machines.


For more than 35 years, Erren Recondition has focused on solving problems that make products seemingly unsaleable. It started with shoes and other leather goods, but over the years the pallet of products that Erren takes in hand has expanded. The washing and drying service for large batches of textiles is the latest addition to the service.


Dirt, moisture and unpleasant smell

Just like shoes and accessories, clothing and other textiles can become dirty during the transport or be affected by moisture and mold, causing it to stink. Also in the production means can be used which give off colours, cause the textiles to smell unpleasant or because of which the fabric feels stiff and unpleasant. “There is nothing wrong with the products in itself, but still they are not ready for sale,” explains Peter Erren.


Quick and complete solutions

Disposal is not an option, but with the help of Erren Recondition and its value added services any of those problems can be solved. “Recently, we have added special washing and drying machines and other specialist equipment to our range with which we can solve such problems adequately and professionally, so that textiles can continue their way to the shops quickly and above all in perfect condition. In addition to cleaning, we also provide other VAS to the wishes of the customer, such as sorting, labelling, packaging and preparing for dispatch.”


The only thing Erren Recondition can’t do is what the customer does not ask.

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