Erren Recondition is the specialist in mold cleaning! We clean many types of products, in particular shoes, garments, bags, sporting goods and accessories.

All these products are often produced in areas of high humidity. After production the goods will often be shipped in containers. During transport your goods can face dramatic conditions; high humidity, changing temperatures, poor  ventilation and inadequate hygiene. This all creates an ideal environment for mold and mildew to grow.

Erren Recondition is well experienced with mold cleaning and we work in a safe, effective and sustainable manner. During our mold cleaning process we normally do not use cleaning agents or biocides. In cases where a cleaning agent is necessary we only use materials that are not harmful for consumers, the environment and our staff members.
We can clean high volumes in a surprisingly short time. We help you and to safe your products and protect your from severe losses.

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