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For the last couple of months, the weather conditions in the Far East region have been repeatedly very bad. Large amounts of rain were particularly causing problems. Not only did it cause a great deal of trouble to the local population, but your supplier’s products have suffered great damages as well. Perfectly produced, these products were then packed for overseas shipment. At their final destination in Europe, one is at shock : Moldy Products.  NO WORRIES… Erren Recondition delivers suitable , affordable and very fast solutions.


We can clean almost all moldy consumer goods and make them suitable for retail again. In our cleaning processes, we avoid using chemicals or bicides, so that your products keep fulfilling the strict European regulations. Regardless the size of your order, or the place, anywhere in Europe, where it might be stored…we will pick them up, recondition and return to you in the most efficient way possible.


Are your products stored on a location in the North America ? No problem, as our partners from NuShoe in San Diego ( in the United States deliver the same service and quality as we at Erren Recondition do.

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